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An Anglo German dispute

posted Dec 14, 2008, 6:51 PM by Gunnar Rögnvaldsson

An Anglo German dispute

Ever the diplomat, Peer Steinbruck, Germany’s finance minister, yesterday lashed launched a stinging attack on the British accusing Gordon Brown of “crass Keynsianism”. “All this will do is raise Britain’s debt to a level that will take a whole generation to work off,” he said.The FT reports British officials as responding that r Steinbruck’s comment were probably design for domestic consumption, especially as he is even tougher on a stimulus than Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany will accept the principle of a €200bn stimulus (but beware: governments are spending a lot less. The figures is blown up by adding commitments that have already been made, as well as guarantees!). With his attack on the UK, Mr Steinbruck has once again displayed his finely honed diplomatic skills.  

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